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Stressed By Sabotaging Patterns?
  •  Are you holding on to painful issues from your past that are weighing you down? 
  •  Are you searching for a way to release the negativity? 
  •  Are you stuck in repetitive patterns unable to move forward?
The Power of The Heart
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There is A Way To Forgive and 
Move Through Sadness, Bitterness, or Anger
Painful Divorce?  Sudden Job Loss?  
Angry or Sad in General?
Cheryl Piper understands true forgiveness and the Power of the Heart.  She experienced her own hero’s journey by moving through a painful heartbreaking divorce and job loss at the same time.  One thing became very clear, the importance and power of refusing to be a victim.  Allowing the healing process to begin and the discovery of the Power of the Heart. 

Nothing in our lives has any meaning other than the meaning we give it. Perceptions and thoughts become subconscious belief patterns, as we experience the same thoughts over and over. The question we need to ask ourselves; are our thoughts positive or negative?  Are our thoughts hurting us or helping us to grow.

Look inside, right now!  Do you feel something keeping you stuck?  You just can't put your finger on it... or you know what it is and think there's just nothing you can do to change it? 

We can learn to remove and limit negative thoughts while increasing positive thoughts, changing our perception of any situation.  This is the area where Spiritual meets Science and true forgiveness leads to real sustainable change.  
Discover the Power of the Heart.
  • The Art & Science of Communication in Conversation (See Below)
  •  Journey To Forgiveness (Coming Soon)
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Why Are Conversations So Hard?
The Art & Science of Communincation in Conversation is a concept in understanding how we communicate with each other. "Nothing happens without conversation." 
Great conversation is not only an Art…it's a Science

 Uncover Secrets To Improving Your Business & Personal Life with Tools To Create Great Conversation in my online workshop.
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